Her role : IGA
I am amazed by this specific kind of art


Did you grow up in an environment conductive to Art?

Yes I did. Each member of my closest family is an artist. My father and my bigger sister are musicians and my twin sister is a dancer. Music and dance have always been part of my life.

What has been the revelation that inspired you the artistic vocation?

When I was a child my parents always took me to different theatres. Watching those artists acting, dancing, singing was amazing for me, and has definitely inspired me to be an artist and decide to spend all my life in a theatre.

Have you received a specific artistic training?

Yes, I have finished recently 9 years of State Ballet School in Lodz – Poland, with a professional dancer diploma.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from the other artists and shows I have the opportunity to see.

Is there any particular artist that inspires you?

Not any particular. Seeing all the artists on the different stages on the world is my inspiration. Those people make me sure I want to do what I do and live the artist life.

What is your most significant artistic experience?

I already have various dancing experiences but it’s hard to say which one was the most significant. In every places I have been working for, I have learnt different things, I have met amazing choreographers and dancers.

How do the MUGLER FOLLIES fit in your artistic career?

The Mugler Follies show fits perfectly in my career. I have always been working in cabarets and shows. I am amazed by this specific kind of art.


Where are you from?

I come from the third biggest city in Poland: Lodz.

Do you have any distinctive sign?

I have a twin sister, dancer as well. I think in the dancing world it makes us a bit special.

What is your favorite place?

My favorite places are Paris and Berlin. The cities where I live.

What would be the best compliment you can receive?

The best compliment would be: “You do amazing things and you do it very good.”

Do you have a favorite motto?

“Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”