His role : Gilbert Worcestershire, The Waiter
The Mugler Follies gives me the opportunity to make people smile and guffaw.


Did you grow up in an environment conductive to Art?

Not really, at an early age I found I could make the big kids laugh, I was the funny kid, making the big kids laugh got me through school without to many hiccups, its was only in my late teens I realized, who I was, and what I wanted to do.

What has been the revelation that inspired you the artistic vocation?

I learn a majority of my skills, when I 'People watch', I love to watch people, People going about their day to day lives are great fun to watch. As a tiny kid (a smaller version of the big kid I am today) I used to dream of performing on a huge stage making people laugh But I didn't know how? until I realized, I always make fun of myself, I play on that self deprecating element to get laughs. I like to make what I do look so simple people can often underestimate how complicated it really is, there is such intricacy, split second timing and it is constantly evolving, I like to be in control of appearing out of control.

Have you received a specific artistic training?

As a teenager I studied Ballet, Jazz and Tap dancing and all aspects of performing arts at The London Studio Centre, then in the real world I learnt mime, juggling, unicycle, German wheel, clown, sleigh of hand Magic, stand up and physical comedy from numerous leading experts trainers and friends.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Mostly from my son Heston and daughter Ella-Dior, their out look on life is amazing, we often find the funny in the simplest of things and we laugh ourselves silly over these simple things. At the same time people around us have no clue what we are laughing about, which makes us laugh more. Try it, its fun!

Is there any particular artist that inspires you?

I love all the greats of the silver screen, Laurel and hardy, Buster Keaton Harold Lloyd Harry Langdon, Mabel Normand, movies, classics, like Les Enfant du paradise and numerous variety performers from past and present.

What is your most significant artistic experience?

I have performed thousands of shows from tiny venues, Arenas to the Grand Chapiteau for Cirque du Soleil, to performing in a tiny elevator for a university. I like the audience to enjoy a journey of disbelief, making each show a completely new artistic experience for me, fingers crossed the audience too!

How do the MUGLER FOLLIES fit in your artistic career?

Being part of the team in this Thierry Mugler production, has given me a platform to invite the audience into “The Strange Planet between my ears”. Hopefully helping them forget even if just, for a moment, what troubles, tragedies or challenges they have going on in their life. Just to make people smile, guffaw and think Lee Thompson you idiot!


Where are you from?

I'm from England, a little fishing Village in the West Midlands called Solihull (ok there is NO fishing village in Solihull)

Do you have any distinctive sign?

I seem to naturally pull faces without realizing it, according to my mom, like most mom's, mine used to say, if the wind changes your face will stick like that, It didn't, I still pull faces.

What is your favorite place?

Ooooooh I have a few, Montreal, Berlin, Ibiza, Japan has a place in my heart and now I'm loving Paris.

What would be the best compliment you can receive?

“Lee Thompson.....you made me Pee my Pants!”

Do you have a favorite motto?

It sounds cliche, but I try to live by this famous motto, A day without Laughter is a day wasted (Charlie Chaplin) it's great to laugh, especially at oneself, laughing is good for you, Where would we be without laughter?....yep that’s right eating British food (Hey....Hey you! it's a joke chill out) ; )